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Space Day


Space Day

Space Day

Find out how you can celebrate Space Day on the first Friday in May. Find ideas for crafts, games, and other activities.

Crafts to Make:

  • Make planets using clay.
  • Make space suits by wrapping yourself in foil and taping it in place.
  • Make space shoes by tying sponges on the bottom of your feet.
  • Build your own rocket ship control panel by using a cardboard box, foil, and other treasures laying around your house for knobs, etc.
  • Make planets out of paper plates.
  • Check out many fun, space related crafts.
  • Make your own solar system coloring book.

Other Things To Do:

  • Check out this more official Space Day Web site!
  • Play this Satellite Delay Relay race.
  • Make these Make Asteroids You Can Eat.
  • Try eating this Space Pudding just like the astronauts!
  • Make star and planet shaped cookies.
  • Eat 'space food' - buy and prepare some freeze dried food from a camping store!
  • Pretend to be an astronaut - Put on your space suit, climb in your rocket, fly to the moon, get out and walk on the moon, etc.

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