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Teddy Bear's Picnic Day


Teddy Bear Picnic Day in July

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

On July 10th, grab your favorite teddy bear and have lunch together. Find ideas for crafts, games, and other activities.

Crafts to Make::

Other Things To Do::

  • Line up a variety of teddy bears, notice the different sizes, textures, etc.
  • Have a picnic lunch with your teddy bear, and invite all your friends and family. Don't forget the honey, berries, and even jelly!
  • Play this Big Bear Game.
  • Find pictures of as many different kinds of bears as possible.
  • Act like a bear.. crawl on the ground, catch fish, find and eat honey, sleep, climb a tree. See how many you can think of.
  • And for even more about Teddy Bears, check out this page!
  • Try this Mother Bear and Cubs Activity.
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