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Homemade Christmas Card Photos

Featuring Home-Made Greeting Cards


Check out this collection of photos of Christmas cards! If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas for your own homemade Christmas cards, take a few minutes to browse through these photos.

Every one you know would love to receive a personalized Christmas card. If you make your own Christmas cards and invitations, take a moment to snap a photo of it and submit your photo. You can get it published in this photo collection.

If you want to be one of the first to know when new printable cards and other craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter.

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  1. Oh Holy Night CardOh Holy Night Card
  2. Susannah's Blue Bow CardSusannah's Blue Bow Card
  3. Susannah's Christmas Trees CardSusannah's Christmas Trees Card
  4. Susannah's Green Ball CardSusannah's Green Ball Card
  5. Susannah's Noel CardSusannah's Noel Card
  6. Susannah's Partridge CardSusannah's Partridge Card
  7. Susannah's Sheet Music CardSusannah's Sheet Music Card
  8. Susannah's Snowman CardSusannah's Snowman Card
  9. Susannah's Tis The Season CardSusannah's Tis The Season Card
  10. Susannah's Winter Wonderland CardSusannah's Winter Wonderland Card
  11. Susannah's Red Ball CardSusannah's Red Ball Card
  12. Madison's Santa CardMadison's Santa Cards
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