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Ice Cream Recipes and Crafts

Have Fun Making Ice Cream and Ice Cream Crafts


Ice Cream Recipes and Crafts

Ice Cream Recipes and Crafts

Get creative with Ice cream! Make your own ice cream, tasty ice cream creations, and ice cream crafts.

Kids + Ice Cream = FUN by Suzy Gardner co-author of Ice Cream For All Seasons.

Suzy shares, "Folks, here's the scoop on turning ordinary ice cream into great family fun and memories!

I remember vividly how my grandma used to make homemade ice cream. It was a family event. We'd all gather around while she loaded up the machine with rock salt, ice, and all of the ingredients. Then came the hard part - cranking, cranking, cranking...

Not so today - 20 minutes in an electric ice cream maker is all you need! It's easier than ever to create delicious, homemade ice cream. No rock salt, ice, or hand cranking is required! You simply whip up your 'batter', pour it into the maker's frozen tub, turn the unit on, and 20 minutes later you have fresh, home-made, custom flavored ice cream.

Kids love making ice cream! They love to help in the kitchen. This is a fun, family activity! Even more fun is the wacky flavors kids come up with. Try making peanut butter, banana dream, or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Encourage them to be creative.

But don't limit your ice cream fun to just making and eating it. How? Craft with it! We'll show you how! And you don't really need an ice cream maker. Most of the following ice cream fun can be enjoyed without one. Simply use softened, store-bought ice cream in place of the homemade. Add some kids and common household items and you're ready to play. Enjoy!"

Suzy's Activities

About Ice Cream...

  1. The history of ice cream can be traced to the Roman Empire, China, and India.

  2. Ice cream was introduced to England in the 17th century and to America in the 18th.

  3. The first ice cream parlor in America opened in 1776.

  4. Dolly Madison helped make ice cream cool when she served it as dessert in the White House at the inaugural ball in 1812.

  5. In 1846, Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranked ice cream maker, but she didn't patent it.

  6. Each American eats an average of 23.2 quarts of ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, and other frozen treats every year.

  7. More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week.

  8. Children under 12 and adults over 45 eat the most ice cream.

  9. 98 percent of all households purchase ice cream.

Sherri's Activities

How about topping your ice cream off with...

Candy Pieces   -   Candy Sprinkles   -   Chocolate Chips   -   Chocolate Syrup   -   Coconut   -   Cookie Pieces   -   Crushed Ice Cream Cones   -   Dry Cereal   -   Granola   -   Fresh Fruit   -   Jam   -   M & Ms   -   Marshmallows   -   Nuts   -   Powdered Cocoa Mix   -   Toffee Pieces

Suzy Gardner is the co-author of the book Ice Cream For All Seasons. Not only will you find many unique and tasty recipes in this book, there are also plenty of tips and suggestions to help you create fabulous treats.

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