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How To Do Iris Folding


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Learn How to Do Iris Folding
Learn How to Do Iris Folding

Learn How to Do Iris Folding

Sherri Osborn
Do you know how to do iris folding? DO you know what iris folding is? This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how easy it is to make your own iris folding projects.

Iris folding is done by arranging and layering strips of paper or even fabric in a spiraled pattern. That spiral pattern resembles the iris of a camera lens and that is how this craft got it's name. Many people use this craft technique to create cards and embellishments for scrapbook pages, but I think the finished iris folded project could simply be framed and hung.

While the finished product looks complicated, I found iris folding pretty easy and even a little addicting. I have created this tutorial to help you learn how to iris fold. The most confusing part was following the numbered patterns I found everywhere, so I create color coded iris folding patterns for you to follow. Once you understand the basics of iris folding, you can create your own patterns and easily follow any numbered patterns you may find.

Read through this entire tutorial and make sure you check out my special tips for variations and other options. Then you can download my free iris folding patterns and try your hand at this craft. I dare you to make just one!

Let's begin...

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