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Hannah's Leprechaun Trap


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Leprechaun Trap Photo 1
Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Trap

This is picture 1 of 10 of the Leprechaun Trap made by 7-year old Hannah and her dad.

Check out all of Hannah's pictures to see how the trap works.

This trap was made by 7-year old Hannah and her dad. "The trap was an assignment from Hannah's school. So Hannah and Dad did some research and found the Family Crafts website to get some ideas. She decided that the shoe box trap may not be strong enough to hold a feisty leprechaun if caught. Hannah has always had a desire to "build things" and this was right up her ally. Therefore, the trap kept evolving into a sophisticated engineering and creative masterpiece. Hannah can not wait to bring it to her class on March 16, to demonstrate it for her classmates."

If you would like to make your own Leprechaun Trap, CHECK HERE.

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