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Check out all of these wonderful angel crafts. These project sheets will teach you how to make angels out of clothespins, pine cones, toilet paper rolls, and much more. These angels will make fun ornaments, gift toppers, decorations, or gifts. You can also get your crafts published.

Angel Clothespin

Angel Clothespin Craft
This step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to craft an adorable angel using a clothespin. This angel can be used as a Christmas tree ornament or it can be hung anywhere. Check out this how-to video that shows you how to make a similar angel craft.

Angel Pattern for Beaded Safety Pins

Angel Pattern for Beaded Safety Pins
This angel grid pattern will help you design a beaded safety pin brooch you can enjoy wearing or give as a gift to someone special.

Angel Wings Craft

Angel Wings Craft
Although this craft project is officially titled 'Fairy Wings', you can easily make them and call them angel wings.

Coffee Filter Angel

Coffee Filter Angel Craft
Learn how a visitor named Bonnie made a unique angel out of coffee filters, tongue depressors, and a few other supplies.

Cotton Angel Ornament

Cotton Angel Ornament Craft
Here is another fun angel craft submitted by a visitor. Ruth shows you how to make an angel using hunks of cotton.

Cristy's Pine Cone Angel

Cristy's Pine Cone Angel Craft
Submited by Cristy, these instructions will teach you how to make a rustic looking angel using a pine cone, spanish moss, a tiny grape vine wreath, and a few other supplies.

Grandma's Little Angels

Grandma's Little Angels Craft
Tabby explains how to make a wearable gift using hand prints and footprints. This gift would not only be great for a grandma, but also a parent, grandpa, or aunt/uncle.

Hand and Foot Angel

Hand and Foot Angel Craft
This cute little angel is made using one footprint, two hand prints, and a few simple craft supplies. Have every family member make you and then compare the sizes.

How to Make an Angel Costume

How to Make an Angel Costume
A site visitor named Erin explains how she made an adorable angel costume for her little girl.

Mikaela's CD Angel

Mikaela's CD Angel Craft
Use the photo Mikaela submitted of her angel to inspire you to craft your own. Use the same supplies she used or use whatever you have on hand.
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