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Milk Carton Haunted House Craft

How to Build a Miniature Haunted House


Milk Carton Haunted House Craft

Milk Carton Haunted House Craft

Sherri Osborn
Follow these directions and find out how to create your own miniature haunted house out of a milk carton.

Materials Needed:

This craft is easy and you can use your own imagination to make it however you want. Simply cover your milk carton with dark colored paper, cut out windows and doors, and then use miscellaneous craft supplies to decorate your miniature haunted house.

What I did: I used black construction paper to cover the outside of a milk carton. I used a square cut out of a paper bag to make the roof after you tape the top of the milk carton closed. I cut an opening for the door in the front of the haunted house, and added a pom-pom and beads to make a pumpkin sitting inside the door. I made windows using white construction paper but you can cut out a hole in the side of the milk carton.

Get creative! What other ghouls can you add to your house?

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