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Heart Monkey Craft


How to Make a Monkey Valentine Using Hearts
Heart Monkey Craft

Heart Monkey Craft

Sherri Osborn
To make this adorable monkey craft project, you only need a few simple craft supplies. He is so simple to make, all ages will enjoy making one or more. Since this little monkey is made using some hearts, he will happily help you send a Valentine's Day greeting to all of your friends and family.

  • Age Guideline: 3 Years and Up
  • Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.

Materials Needed to Make a Heart Monkey:

Instructions to Make a Heart Monkey:

Please use these instructions simply as a guideline to make an adorable monkey craft. Use your own imagination and whatever craft supplies you have on hand to design your own unique heart monkey. Instead of paper, you could even use felt or craft foam. Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to make one.

To make my heart monkey, I started out by cutting an oval shape out of brown construction paper to make his body. I cut a heart shape out of a cream colored piece of paper and rounded the bottom of the heart. You can also use tan construction paper if you like. I glued it to the top of the oval for the face.

Cut out two small circles from brown construction paper and two hearts, a tad smaller than the circles, out of tan or cream colored construction paper. Glue the hearts onto the brown circles. Glue the circles onto the oval to be the monkey's ears.

Glue wiggle eyes onto the heart and use a marker or crayon to draw the monkey's mouth. Don't forget to make two small dots for the nose. Finally, cut a tail out of brown construction paper and glue it in place. Your monkey is now all done!

To make your monkey into a Valentine's Day card, grab a piece of construction paper, whatever size or color you like. Fold it in half and glue your monkey to the front of it. Write a special message inside the card. You can write a personal message or go for something corny like the line on this printable Monkey Valentine's Day card.

Here are a few more ideas for fun and cheesy verses or puns for a monkey Valentine:

  • I'm bananas over you!

  • No monkey business, be my Valentine!

  • Hey Valentine, let's monkey around!

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do,
    Monkey wants a Valentine just like you!

  • You are "chimply" fantastic Valentine!

  • I hope your Valentine's Day
    Is as fun as a barrel full of monkeys.

Can you think of any other silly monkey puns or verses for Valentine's Day cards? if you do, share them in the Family Crafts Forum.

I hope you enjoy making this Valentine's Day card craft. If you make this craft, make sure you send in a photo so it can be posted here. You can also get your own crafts published. You can be one of the first to know when new craft projects are posted by taking a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter.

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