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Free Patterns and Instructions for Making Mummy Crafts


You can use a variety of craft supplies and techniques to make an assortment of crafts all related to mummies. These are fun to give as gifts for Halloween or use as Halloween decorations. If you have a mummy craft that you designed, you can submit it to be published here.

Clay Pot Mummy

Clay Pot Mummy Craft
Learn how to make this mummy our of clay pots and shredded t-shirts. This mummy may look sad but he will be happy sitting on your shelf for Halloween.

Light Bulb Mummy

Light Bulb Mummy Craft
Can you believe that this not-so-spooky mummy is made using a light bulb and used fabric softener sheets.

Mummy Stuffed Dummy

Mummy Stuffed Dummy
Learn how you can make a variety of stuffed mummies to use for haunted house and yard decorations.

Mummy Treat Roll

Mummy Treat Roll Craft
Follow these directions and learn how you can turn a toilet paper roll into a party favor that looks like a mummy.

Mummy Trick-or-Treat Bucket

Mummy Trick-or-Treat Bucket
This craft tutorial teaches you how to take an ordinary sand bucket and turn it into a cute mummy trick-or-treat bucket.

Yummy Mummy Craft

Learn how you can craft a mummy out of a piece of Halloween candy, some white tissue paper, and a marker.
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