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Homemade Girl and Boy Indian Outfits


How to Make Native Ameican Outfits for Dolls
Home-Made Girl and Boy Indian Outfits

Home-Made Girl and Boy Indian Outfits

Check out these Indian boy and girl outfits Melinda helped her kids make for a school project.

To create these Indian outfits they used a variety of craft supplies:

  • Beads & gems (whatever you want)
  • Suede (lace) or necklace material
  • Brown Felt material
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • Hemp string or other
  • Feathers
  • Trim material (goes on neck part, wrist and bottom of costumes)
  • Light brown material for trimming or frill on the outside of arms/legs

The stick with beads, feathers and animal fur were bought at a Indian Powwow along with the hair attachments with beads and feathers on Suede string) You could make the hair accessories yourself though.

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