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Garbage Bag Pumpkin Costume

Homemade Halloween Costume Idea


Materials Needed:
  • Orange pumpkin leaf bag
  • Brown or green tights or stirrup pants
  • Green turtle neck shirt
  • Green felt to make plant leaves
  • Green or brown ribbon to tie up bag
  • Newspaper for stuffing

Cut two small holes on bottom of the pumpkin leaf bag (big enough to put your legs through).

After putting on your turtleneck shirt and tights, step into the big pumpkin bag. Use the crumpled up newspaper to stuff around your tummy. I pulled the bag to my shoulders and taped it on the shoulders so that my arms were loose then loosely tied a bow (using the ribbon) to gather the top of bag. Cut three large green felt leaves and hot glue together to make hat. Cut two small holes in felt to run ribbon through. Tie under chin and have fun!

From Sherri: You can make yourself a Pumpkin Hat to go along with the costume.

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