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Celebrate the Winter Olympics

Make Winter Olympic Games and Crafts


Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

Do you follow along with the winter Olympics? Do you have a favorite event? If so, enjoy these related projects while you watch your favorite events. If not, make these projects while the rest of your family watch the games.

Start out by making these fun Olympic essentials:


  • Olympic Medal - Make your very own medals using cardboard.


  • Olympic Tags - Make some number-name tags for your silly Olympic participants.


  • Olympic Pins - Get creative and make pins depicting your favorite sports.


  • Olympic Torch - Make a torch using a paper towel roll and tissue paper!


  • Olympic Rings - Make a print using toilet paper rolls!


Now that you have your essentials made, you can move on to planning your own silly Olympic games and even making some fun winter sports related crafts. Can you think of any fun ideas? If so, take a minute and share them with everyone.

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