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Creative Painting with Kids

Painting with Kids

Get creative with painting and kids. There can be a lot more to painting than slapping a brush against a blank canvas. Try painting with different household objects or create masterpieces using paint you make yourself.

While many people might prefer an old-fashioned paint brush, why not try painting with one of these items:

  • cotton swabs
  • feather
  • fingers
  • marbles
  • spray bottle
  • straw
  • toothbrushes

And, while a painting made using watercolors or oil paints would suit many tastes, you are sure to raise a few eyebrows if you use one or more of these suggestions:

  • egg yolk
  • food coloring
  • kool aid
  • milk
  • pudding
  • shaving cream
  • water

The fun thing about painting is that you can use just about anything. The ideas above will get you started; can you think of any other items you can make paint with?

If you prefer, you can try making your own paint. Here is a collection of paint recipes you can test out. You will find recipes to make everything from dimensional paint to face paint. You can also make a paint palettes.

To get you started, try out some of these painting projects:

Have fun painting, and don't forget to wear a smock! If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection.

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