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Paper Bag Crafts

Learn How to Make Crafts Out of Paper Bags


What would you make out of a simple, paper bag? Browse through this collection of crafts made using paper bags, both big and small, and then have some fun creating your own projects. Design a unique craft and submit it to be included in this collection.

Fall Scarecrow Decoration

Fall Scarecrow Decoration  Craft
Submitted by Mary Lou
Use a paper bag to cut out the body of this cute, stuffed scarecrow when you follow these directions shared by Mary Lou.

Greeting Card Gift Bag

Greeting Card Gift Bag Craft
Discover how easy it is to make unique gift bags by decorating them with cards you have received.

Halloween Paper Bag Treat Bag

Halloween Paper Bag Treat Bag Craft
Find out how you can make an easy treat bag that looks like a haunted house using a plain paper lunch bag.

Mail Bag Craft

Mail Bag Craft
Follow these directions and you can craft yourself a bag you can use to deliver pretend mail.

Max the Dog Ornament

Max the Dog Ornament Craft
This cute, little dog head is cute from a paper bag and then decorated, stuffed, and glued together.

Native American Headband

Native American Headband
All you need to make this headband is a simple strip cut from a paper bag and some construction paper.

Paper Bag Apple

Paper Bag Apple Craft
Use a small paper bag, a twig, a piece of twine, some glue, and some paint to make this cute little apple you can use as a pin or a decoration.

Paper Bag Book Cover

Paper Bag Book Cover Craft
Learn some techniques you can use to cover a book using a paper bag.

Paper Bag Notepad

Paper Bag Notepad Craft
A visitor named Phyllis explains how she made this little notepad using paper bags.

Paper Bag Penguin

Paper Bag Penguin Craft
A small paper bag is the perfect size to use to make this cute little penguin craft.
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