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Paper Doll Accessories

Printable Paper Doll Clothes


While you are designing fashionable outfits for your paper doll, don't forget to make some matching accessories. What paper doll wouldn't love to sport a pair of sneakers, a book bag, or a baseball cap? Instead of drawing or gluing hair on your paper doll, why not use one of these hat patterns and create a variety of wigs for your doll.

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Printable Paper Doll BodyPrintable Paper Doll Bodycowboy hatCowboy HatBaseball CapBaseball Capsun bonnet - straw hatSun Bonnet/Straw Hat
rain hatRain Hatwinter stocking capWinter Stocking CapheadbandHeadbandPaper Doll SadalsSandals
winter bootsWinter Bootsgirl's dress shoesGirl's Dress Shoesrain bootsRain BootsPrintable Paper Doll SandalsSneakers/Tennis Shoes

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