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Cowboy Hat

Printable Paper Doll Accessories


Print out and color or decorate this cowboy hat for your paper doll.
cowboy hat
Depending on your computer, you can click or right-click on the image above and choose to either print it or save it to your computer (you can find saving and printing help here).

Print out the free template and then color it and cut it out. You can also color it in before you print it by using a graphics program. Printing on cardstock will give you the best results, but you might also want to consider making your doll, clothing, and accessories out of printable magnets, printable stickers, or even felt or craft foam. To make your paper dolls and their clothing and accessories last longer, consider laminating them after coloring but before you add any dimensional elements.

For more printable paper doll items, go to the Design Your Own Paper Dolls page.

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