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Paper Doll Dresses and Skirts

Printable Paper Doll Clothes


Here are several different dresses and skirts to choose from and a variety of ways you can decorate them. Try making fancy patterns on the printed design using dimensional fabric paint - this works well on paper, felt, craft foam, or fabric. If you want to use fabric, you can use the printed template as a base by simply gluing the fabric to the template.

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Paper Doll BodySun DressSpaghetti Strap Long DressPuffed, Short Sleeve Dress
Puffed, Short Sleeve Long DressLong Sleeve V-Neck DressLong Sleeve V-Neck Long DressShort Sleeve V-Neck Dress
Short Sleeve V-Neck Long DressLong Sleeve DressLong Sleeve Long DressShort Sleeve Dress
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