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A visitor named Sharon Ferry made this star fish shapes out of aluminum foil and duct tape and then covered it using paper mache.
How to Make a Paper Mache Star Fish

How to Make a Paper Mache Star Fish

Sharon Ferry
From Sharon - "I made this the old fashioned way with strips of paper and glue, over a base of aluminum foil and duct tape! It was my first try and just used anything I had handy. I have many art supplies, so I found some crushed quartz and sand to give it texture, just painted it in orange and blue, diffusing the colors together, added some moss for coral and seaweed then glued on some small shells. The whole thig was then coated with a semi-glass sealer to look like water. It's about 10-inches in diameter. I'm working on shells next, a sand dollar, seahorse, fish, and eventually up to some mermaids."

Learn more about how to paper mache, and submit photos of your project.

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