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Photo Apron Craft


How to Personalize an Apron Using a Photo and Hand Prints
Photo Apron Craft

Photo Apron Craft

Submitted by Jennifer Determan
Discover how you can dress up a plain white apron using photos, hand prints, and these instructions shared by Jennifer Determan.

Materials Needed:

You can find plain, canvas aprons at most larger craft stores. You can also use any light colored apron you can find. You might want to wash the apron first, to get any sizing out of it. Lay the apron flat on your iron or any surface that is safe to iron on.

Load the iron on transfer sheets into your printer and print out the desired photos. Make sure whatever photo or photos you choose can fit on the apron. Using the directions included with whatever iron on transfer printer sheets you buy, iron the photos onto the apron. Let it cool.

Paint dimensional fabric paint onto the kids' hands and have them press their hand print onto the apron. You can also use the dimensional paint to write a special message if you like. Let the paint dry.

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