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How to Make Crafts With Photos

Free Photo Craft Project Instructions


Whether you are a experienced photographer or just getting started in photography, crafting is a wonderful way to display your photos. Photo crafts make great decorations, souvenirs, and gifts. If you would like to give a photo in a frame along with a photo craft, you should consider making a picture frame.

About My Community Scrapbook

About My Community Scrapbook
Give your child a 3-ring binder to decorate and use to make a scrapbook that will feature pictures taken around your community along with other mementos.

CD Photo Ornament

CD Photo Ornament Craft
Decorate the shiny side of a CD with a photo. You can use a variety of different supplies to decorate the CD, and a piece of felt to cover the back side of the ornament.

Con-Tact Paper Bookmarker

Con-Tact Paper Bookmarker Craft
Follow these directions and you can make a bookmark using clear Con-tact paper and photographs.

Flat Marble Photo Magnet

Flat Marble Photo Magnet Craft
You can make several small photo magnets using decoupage techniques and flat marbles.

Juice Can Lid Magnet

Juice Can Lid Magnet Craft
A clean juice can lid makes a perfect mini frame for a favorite photo. Trim a photo to fit, outline it using dimensional paint, and then glue a magnet to the back.

Personal Paper Doll

Photo Paper Doll Craft
Discover how you can create a personalized paper doll using a my free templates and a photo.

Personalized Photo Calendar

Photo Calendar Craft
A visitor named Patricia shares several suggestions for making a personalized calendar featuring photos, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Photo Apron Craft

Photot Transfer Craft
Check out these directions, shared by a visitor named Jennifer, and you will find out how easy it is to iron a photo onto an apron.

Photo Canvas Wall Hanging

Photo Canvas Wall Hanging
Learn how to you create lovely wall hangings by putting your own photos on artist canvas and sealing it using decoupage techniques.

Photo Collage

How to make Photo Crafts
If you have quite a few photos you want to use in a project, check out these ideas for making a large collage using them.
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