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Picture Frame Craft Instructions

How to Make Picture Frame Crafts


Use these free instructions to make a variety of pictures frames. Homemade picture frames are great for home decor and also for gift giving. Whether you are a experienced photographer or just getting started in photography, you will have pictures you want to display and share and these frames are just what you need. If you want to use your photos as part of a project, check out my collection of free photo crafts.

Bottle Cap Frame

Bottle Cap Picture Frame Craft
Discover how easy it is to personalize any old picture frame using bottle caps to share a special message or just to add some extra decoration.

Card Collector Frame

Card Collector Picture Frame Craft
Use these directions to turn an unwanted CD case into a frame to use for special trading cards or even a small photo.

Magazine Picture Frame

Magazine Picture Frame Craft
Check out this amazing picture frame made by a crafter named Sarah, and then follow the directions she shares and make your own.

Noodle Frame

Noodle Frame Ornament Craft
Learn how to use a few handfuls of noodles and a piece of cardboard to make a frame you can hang up anywhere.

Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame Craft
Paint an old picture frame to give it new life, and then decorate it using fancy charms, buttons, brads, or stickers.

Puzzle Piece Frame

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame Craft
This project sheet instructs you how to create a frame using puzzle pieces glued to craft sticks.

Sea Shell Picture Frame

Sea Shell Picture Frame Craft
A visitor named Kim explains how she decorated pictures frames using sand and sea shells.

Styrofoam Tray Frame

Styrofoam Tray Picture Frame Craft
These craft instructions, that explain how to make a special frame using a styrofoam tray, were submitted by the Villaluz family.

Twig Picture Frame

Twig Picture Frame
Go for a walk and collect a couple handfuls of twigs and then use them to make this fun picture frame. You can even take a picture on your walk to display in the frame.
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