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Pine Cone Crafts

Learn How to Make Crafts Using Pine Cones


Pine cones can make for some interesting crafts. You can make everything from simple, painted ornaments to stunning tabletop decorations. The only trick to using fresh pine cones in crafts is to remember that pine cones have seeds inside them and some may also contain sap. You can avoid the mess this can cause simply by follows these simple directions. Browse through these craft projects and then submit your own.

Air Freshener

Pine Cone Air Freshener Craft
Follow these instructions and you can make fancy air fresheners using pine cones and potpourri.

Angel Craft

Pine Cone Angel Craft
This cute angel has a pine cone for a body and a wooden bead for a head, and she is decorated using basic craft supplies.

Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Pick up all of the pine cones in your yard, turn them into bird feeders, and then hang them back up in your trees.

Christmas Tree

Pine Cone Christmas Tree
A visitor named Laura explains how she made an amazing tabletop Christmas tree out of pine cones.

Corn Cob Magnet

Pine Cone Corn Cob Magnet Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can make a magnet that looks like a stalk of colorful corn.

Elephant Craft

Laura's Pine Cone Elephant Craft
A visitor name Laura explains how she made this cute elephant out of pine cones and come clay.

Fire Starter

Pine Cone Fire Starter Craft
Thanks to a visitor named Christi, you can make your own colorful fire starters. These also make great gifts.

Mini Christmas Tree

Pine Cone Tree Ornament
Learn how you can make a pine cone look like a miniature Christmas tree using some paint and decorative craft supplies.

Mouse Craft

Pine Cone Mouse Craft
This cute little mouse is made using a single pine cone, some felt, a pom-pom, and some wiggle eyes. You can leave your pine cone brown or even paint it gray.

Owl Craft

Pine Cone Owl Craft
Use these instructions submitted by Bev and you can craft your own owls out of pine cones.

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