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Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat Pattern


How to Crochet With Plastic Bags
Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat Pattern

Crocheted Plastic Bag Hat Pattern

Submitted by Belva Slate
A visitor named Belva Slate shares these directions for making a hat using plastic grocery bags and crochet techniques. This plastic yarn you create is also called plarn. What a fun way to recycle plastic grocery bags.

Belva explains, "Start out with 8-10 bags of one color. Choose bags in pretty colors with bright lettering on them; white bags with red and blue letters make pretty hats. The beige bags look like straw when crocheted. Trim off the handles and the bottom seam of each bag. Cut each bag into a single, long 1-inch strip starting at top and cutting in a circular (spiral) pattern to the bottom of the bag. For the band, cut three bags (may use a contrasting color) into 5 inch strips, fold in thirds and tie or fasten the end. Braid enough to go around the crown of the hat. Add a bow made with the bag material. Use a small strip and the crochet hook to fasten the band and bow to the hat." (You can also make your own plarn using Rain's plarn tutorial.)

Belva did not share the exact pattern she used so I did some searching and found a few comparable ones you can try:

Of course, you can also use your favorite crocheted hat pattern.

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