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Bake and Make Amazing Cookies

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Amazing Cookies

The Bottom Line

With these fast and simple recipes, you can ring in the New Year with icy shortbread, brighten a summer picnic with watermelon-shaped cookies or make wishes come true with delicious magic wands. Special days, seasons, special friends, or just for fun — there are lots of reasons to make cookies!
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  • Wonderful recipes
  • Fun for everyone
  • Great gift ideas


  • none


  • Features 32 recipes plus unique and creativee variations.
  • Several of the recipes feature ideas to wrap and present your cookies.
  • Great family time projects.

Guide Review - Bake and Make Amazing Cookies

This book starts out with a brief introduction which includes tips for measuring ingredients, information about cutting out dough, and explanations of the best ways to melt chocolate and butter. It also includes baking and storage tips. It is then broken down into 4 sections: Holidays, For special People, Seasons, and Just for Fun. Each section has a variety of tasty recipes.  

There are recipes for such all-time favorites as chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies. There are also several unique recipes: butterscotch squares, cookie pizza, mud cookies, potato chippers, just to name a few.  

Along with all the 32 basic recipes, you get many extra ideas. For example, there are directions to make a large cookie pizza, along with all the directions for making the cookie pizza, it gives suggestions about making the cookie personalized by shaping it into a football, star, or other shapes. There are also several ideas for wrapping your cookies to give as gifts.

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