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Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

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Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

The Bottom Line

The Cricut personal electronic cutter, available in two sizes, has been called "the future of home crafting." Without the help of a computer, the Cricut can cut out beautiful and fun designs, letters, and numbers. These 'die cuts' can be used in scrapbook projects, card making, and any other paper crafts. The Cricut uses cartridges and simple keypad overlays to help you make thousands of great shapes, letters, and phrases in a variety of sizes and styles.
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  • Great Tool
  • Variety of Cartidges
  • Size and Portability


  • Price Tag
  • Cost of Cartridges


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It cuts items ranging from 1" to 5 1/2" x 11" long for the regular Cricut and up to 11" x 23.5" for the Expression.
  • It can cut a wide range of paper from vellum to cardstock up to .5 mm thick.

Guide Review - Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

I have been doing a little research and playing with the Cricut personal electronic cutter because my daughter has been begging for one for quite awhile. I wanted to see if this new-fangled way to create die-cuts for paper crafts is worth the money it costs; and I have to admit, I was impressed.

First of all, speaking from someone who loves to use her Sizzix machine, this 'die-cut' machine is lightweight and easy to carry around using it's handle. They now have two sizes available, the regular Cricut machine and the Cricut Expression. No computer is required. The machine simply plugs into any normal wall outlet. Besides the blade and cutting mat that comes with the machine, you need a Cricut cartridge. The machine usually comes with one cartridge, and it offers basic letters, numbers, shapes, and phrases to get you started.

The cartridges are also small and lightweight, and each comes with a simple keypad overlay to make it easy to use. Although the cartridges can be a little spendy (I have seen them priced from $50 all the way up to $100), they are well worth the cost if you consider the fact that each cartridge can make a large variety of designs which can be used in virtually thousands of styles and sizes. Also available are replacement blades and mats at reasonable prices, and other accessories such as tools and carrying cases.

I definitely think the Cricut personal electronic cutter is a great investment. Between my daughter's scrapbooking and our combined card making and paper crafting it will pay for itself in no time. If nothing else it will save us money on alphabet cut-outs alone!

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User Reviews

 2 out of 5
Cricut honest overall review, Member lygerr

i noticed the term cricut popped up when i was looking around for an affordable plotter/cutter and looked into it for making some vinyl stickers for business/advertising, seemed many people loved it but there wasn't much definition of the product. i searched and found one locally at a Michael's store, went and picked it up and materials. the huge wall list with cartridges should have given me a hint that it isn't very open to design, but moreso relies upon preloaded designs for you to simply click and cut. but the store worker assured me i could hook it up to my computer and use the program from cricut, i figured i could make my own designs. short answer is a resounding NO! you're locked with predetermined characters and patterns from very expensive cartridges you have to purchase seperately, they also are very limited in the amount and type of content you get with each cartridge.. the price of the unit was the most attractive aspect of the deal and where you get hooked. it is cheap, it is well designed, it looks and works quite well! BUT you get nickel and dimed to death needing and being stuck with the cartridges or digital unlocks for patterns. why are basic character sets $25-50 for each style? you got me. it is greed, that is what it is. you can find these fonts with just about any typing program, it is nothing Provo invested much time in and basically mapped them from pre existing images for next to nothing, yet you have to purchase each set of characters induvidually. why? they should offer a full character package and leave the images to packages based on style, but lettering types? no. want a different font? get out your wallet. so i have this cutter, i can't and won't bother to return it because i doubt they will refund me for it based off of similar peoples responses after the fact. there are unlocked plotters/printers for a little more but not likely locally available like this one was. but if you want freedom, be patient and order something online and order one of the software packages that allows you to cut WHAT YOU WANT! i will be honest about the piece of machinery though, it works quite well BUT with Provos lawsuits against people trying to get more out of it, it shows their greed. i tried my best to not sound biased but unfortunately i couldn't do it. i bought the machine for some basic lettering stickers and possibly create some designs without spending $500. looking back i could have just have a print shop make something i wanted, all because of the price of the packages you must buy to make the cricut do what you want. $$$, is this the future of business? i certainly hope not while i understand some people will love the cricut to death with it's easy to use software and diversity of items available locally to do many easy and neat projects. i recommended it basically because it is a good product for those who know what yo expect from it, and this is why i wrote this so that YOU know what to expect unlike the many unsuspecting people who bring it home to only need to open their wallets again to do a 'semblance of what they wanted initially.

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