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Pumpkin Crafts

Create a variety of pumpkin crafts! Great ideas for decorating, gifts, kids, and much more.
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Finger Paint Pumpkin Craft

A visitor names Jeanette explains how you can help your child create a fun pumpkin picture using finger painting techniques.

Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin CD Craft

Kathy from Indiana explains how you can turn unwanted cds into fun jack-o-lantern or pumpkin decorations.

Paper Bag Pumpkin Treat Holder

Learn how easy it is to make a fun and unique Halloween treat holder using pieces cut from a paper bag.

Paper Mache Pumpkins

Mary Lee shares directions to help you create fun pumpkin decorations using paper and plastic bags and paper mache techniques.

Recycled jar Pumpkins

A visitor named Robin explains how you can recycle jars into fun pumpkins.

Stained Glass Pumpkin

A visitor named Robin explains how to turn an ivy bowl into a stained glass pumpkin craft.

Tin Can Pumpkin Craft

Find out how to create this cute pumpkin craft which is perfect to hold Halloween candy. Perfect to give to someone special for a Halloween gift.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

A unique Halloween decoration idea shared by Tara from PA.

Video - Make a Jack-o-Lantern Party Invitation

Follow the steps in this video and learn how you can make a Halloween party invitation that is shaped like a pumpkin.

Video - Pumpkin Mask

Learn how you can easily make a pumpkin mask to wear.

Bumpkin Pumpkin

This fun paper mache pumpkin by Wendy is not difficult to make but does require adult help.

Jack O'Lantern TV

If you have a spare tv laying around, you might want to follow these directions, from Crafts by Amanda, to transform that tv into a unique jack-o-lantern.

Orange Slice Pumpkin

A fun treat made using 8 candy orange slices together into a ball... Complete with pritnable poem!

Pumpkin Poop

Make this cute gag gift, complete with poem.

Pumpkin Snot

Kids love slime, especially when they make it! Let them help or make a batch and give it to them in a plastic pumpkin with the poem.

Punkin Zelda

This adorable witch has a plastic pumpkin as a body.

Salt Dough Pumpkin Patch

Make these fun and festive pumpkins for your holiday decorating using salt dough.

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