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Anime Zombie Painted Pumpkin Photo

Check out a Photo of A Decorated Pumpkin


Check out this photo of a painted anime zombie pumpkin, submitted by Denise A. Wells.
Anime Zombie Painted Pumpkin Photo

Anime Zombie Painted Pumpkin Photo

Submitted by Denise A. Wells
"My name is Denise A. Wells and I am a Native American from the Yankton Sioux Tribe and I live in Yankton, South Dakota. I am 41 years old and have been painting pumpkins for 12 years now.

...I have painted on real pumpkins with acrylic paints. The designs I make are done freehand and can take 2-12 hours to complete. I just love to paint pumpkins every year and I give them to the schools and other businesses here in Yankton for free." ~ Denise

After you carve or decorate your pumpkin, take a moment to snap a picture of it and then submit it. Then, you can take some time and browse through my other Halloween articles and find many Halloween crafts, games, recipes, and other activities.

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