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Cheshire Cat Decorated Pumpkin Photo

Check out a Photo of A Decorated Pumpkin


Check out this photo of a Cheshire Cat decorated pumpkin, submitted by Becky Morse.
Cheshire Cat Decorated Pumpkin

Cheshire Cat Decorated Pumpkin

Submitted by Becky Morse
"We just had a pumpkin decorating party at the library. I used many of the pictures on the About site to give kids ideas and examples. I thought mine turned out pretty well, so thought I’d share it. I used foam, some painted, some just the color it was, for the face." ~ Becky

After you carve or decorate your pumpkin, take a moment to snap a picture of it and then submit it. Then, you can take some time and browse through my other Halloween articles and find many Halloween crafts, games, recipes, and other activities.

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