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Homer Simpson Decorated Pumpkin Photo

Check out a Photo of A Decorated Pumpkin


Check out this photo of a pumpkin decorated to look like Homer Simpson, submitted by Jennifer Johnson.
Homer Simpson Decorated Pumpkin Photo

Homer Simpson Decorated Pumpkin Photo

Submitted by Jennifer Johnson
"I decorated this Homer Simpson pumpkin for my husband who was having a pumpkin decorating contest this year (2008). My husband is a HUGE Simpson's fan!"

Jennifer started by painting the pumpkin mustard yellow. She then attached the zig-zagged chenille stem to Homer's head using a hot glue gun. For the hair on top of Homer's head, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend the pieces into an arch shape and then glue them on top of the pumpkin. Homer's eyes were made using white clay topped off by a tiny piece of black clay. The nose and ears were also made out of white clay and then painted yellow. Homer's 'beard' is made from clay and then painted brown. The mouth is formed using a small piece of black clay.

After you carve or decorate your pumpkin, take a moment to snap a picture of it and then submit it. Then, you can take some time and browse through my other Halloween articles and find many Halloween crafts, games, recipes, and other activities.

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