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Mini Decorated Pumpkins

Check out a Photo of Decorated Pumpkins


Check out this photo of some creatively decorated pumpkins, submitted by Ioanna, Mariam and Andreas.
Mini Decorated Pumpkins Picture

Mini Decorated Pumpkins Picture

Submitted by Ioanna
"Here are a couple of pictures of the pumpkin project I did last year for my daughter's birthday party. The kids loved it! We decorated mini pumpkins using pom-poms for a nose, felt pieces and push pins for eyes, pipe cleaners for hair. We drew a mouth with black permanent marker and teath with a little white acrylic paint (or nail polish). I did not want to use glue (too messy) so we attached everything using the pins. Our little pumpkins were adorable and they lasted for several months! I found out that the orange mini pumpkins have a softer skin that is easier to pierce." - Ioanna.

After you carve or decorate your pumpkin, take a moment to snap a picture of it and then submit it.

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