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Jump into the art of making puppets with these interesting books. Find out how you can create everything from shadow puppets to fancy marionettes.

1. Making Shadow Puppets

Making Shadow Puppets
A creative alternative to shadow puppets using only your hands! This book contains instructions to make fun puppets, portable screens, easy scenery, and more.

2. 101 Hand Puppets

101 Hand Puppets Book
This book provides instructions for making and using instant puppets, rainy day puppets, professional puppets, special puppets, and novelty puppets.
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3. 10-Minute Puppets

10-Minute Puppets
This book has step-by-step directions for making 30 different puppets. You will learn how to make finger puppets, sock puppets, shadow puppets, and more. It includes pages of templates to cut out and use; plans for 6 puppet theaters; and tips about how to put on a show by drawing from nursery rhymes, family stories, and more.
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4. How to Make Puppets with Children

How to Make Puppets with Children
This book contains directions and pattern pieces for making 37 hand puppets and 26 finger puppets. The puppet patterns may be colored, cut out, and glued to the basic puppet form, or they may be used as templates with colored construction paper.
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5. Muppets Make Puppets!

Muppets Make Puppets Book
Instructions for creating 35 types of puppets using objects commonly found around the house such as socks, plastic jugs, and old work gloves. Also included are tips on writing a script and putting on a puppet play.
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6. Puppet Mania

Puppet Mania Book
With this book you'll have loads of fun discovering new creative skills as renowned puppeteer John Kennedy guides each entertaining project with straightforward instructions using easy-to-find materials. Whether you're a kid, a parent, or an adult of any age, you'll learn to make 13 cool puppets.
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