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If your household is anything like mine, you are bound to have a puzzle or two laying around with a few pieces missing. Since those puzzles are not quite as fun to put together now as they used to be, why not make something creative out of them? What would you make out of a puzzle pieces or several pieces? Browse through these projects and submit your own.

Decoupage Puzzle Pot Craft

Decoupage Puzzle Pot Craft
Follow these directions and learn how to decorate an empty nut jar using decoupage techniques with puzzle pieces.

I'm Puzzled Hat

I'm Puzzled Hat
Susannah really went all out with her jigsaw puzzle pieces. She used them to make this cute hat.

Pieces Together Plaque Craft

Pieces Together Plaque Craft
Kelly explains how to make a unique gift using crafts sticks and puzzle pieces.

Puzzle People Craft

Puzzle People Craft
Learn how to can create little people using puzzle pieces. You can turn these into magnets, jewelry, and other crafts.

Puzzle Piece Frame Craft

Puzzle Piece Frame Craft
It is easy to create unique and colorful frame using craft sticks and puzzle pieces. Leave the puzzle pieces the way they are or paint them.

Puzzle Necklace Craft

Puzzle Piece Necklace Craft
A visitor named Kathryn had some great directions for making a cool necklace out of a puzzle piece.

Upcycle a Jigsaw Puzzle

Upcycle a Jigsaw Puzzle
Learn how Kelly took an old jigsaw puzzle and turned it into a new one.

Candy Cane Ornament

Puzzle Piece Candy Cane Ornament
This tutorial show you how to make a candy cane ornament using several puzzle pieces that you paint red and white.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Puzzle Piece Christmas Tree Ornament
Paint a bunch of puzzle piece green and then follow these directions and turn them into a cute Christmas tree.

Reindeer Ornament

Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornament
This adorable little reindeer is made out of 2 puzzle pieces that are painted brown.
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