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Cardboard Box Castle and Puppet Theater

A cool craft made using a large cardboard box.


Cardboard Box Castle and Puppet Theater

Cardboard Box Castle and Puppet Theater

Kara VanWinkle
Kara VanWinkle shares the directions and a photo of a castle she made for her nephew using a large cardboard box a television set came in.

Materials Needed:

Please be careful when using the utility knife!

Cut off one end of the tv box with scalloped edges. On the side that will be the 'back' of castle, cut out a window. Kara bent this window up into the box to act as a partial roof. The rest of the top is left open. On what will be the front of the castle, cut out a door a couple of feet high and about 18-inches across (you can change these measurements depending on the size of the box). Kara rounded the top edges of the door for effect and also made two smaller versions of the door to be windows. Make sure you only cut 3 of the 4 sides of the doors and windows so the 4th side can act as 'hinges'. To make the seams a little stronger, Kara reinforced them all using duct tape.

Use one color to paint the doors and windows of the castle. Use a different color to paint the rest of the castle. Put it aside and let the paint dry completely.

once all of the paint is dry, you can add some extra details to your castle. First, attach the drawer handles to either side of the door. To make the windows easier to open and close, Kara cut small holes in the windows and ran a piece of ribbon through the hole. She then tied a keyring to the outside of the ribbon. To add some extra detail, Kara cut a few diamonds out of scrap cardboard and hot glued them below the scalloped top edge of the castle. Of course, all of these are optional, but they add nice finishing touches.

From Kara: "Now you have a fun castle, for just a few bucks, and you can turn it around, crawl in the castle door, and hang a sheet between you and the back window... now you've got an in-home puppet theater! This project was for my nephew, but if you've got girls you may wanna find prettier ideas for 'castle bling'. kids LOVE boxes... why not make it extra special...and mommy has more to look at than cardboard."

- See a larger photo of this craft completed by Kara VanWinkle

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