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Scarecrow Crafts

Free Patterns and Instructions for Making Scarecrow Crafts


Check out all of these fun scarecrow crafts. Dig through your craft cupboards and recycling bins and you will find supplies to make a variety of scarecrow crafts. If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your scarecrow crafts published.

Lollipop Scarecrow

Lollipop Scarecrow Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can make adorable scarecrows using a sucker. These make cute decorations or fun treats for Halloween or a fall festival.

Fall Scarecrow Decoration

Fall Scarecrow Decoration
Submitted by Mary Lou
Learn how you can build this cute scarecrow out of paper bags. This makes a great decoration for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or and autumn event.

Flower Pot Garden Friend

Flower Pot Garden Friend Craft
Use the directions shared in this tutorial and you can build your own scarecrow using several clay pots.

Scarecrow Candy Jar

Scarecrow Candy Jar
Follow along with these step-by-step directions and you can easily create this adorable candy jar that looks like a scarecrow.

How to Make a Scarecrow

How to Make a Scarecrow Costume
This craft video shows you how easily you can build your own scarecrow decoration.

Wee Scarecrow

Wee Scarecrow Craft
This tiny scarecrow craft is made using craft sticks, some fabric scraps, and a few other supplies.

Scarecrow Coloring Page

Scarecrow Coloring Page
Download this scarecrow picture and you can color it in and hang it up.

Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow Costume
Use these suggestions to make your own scarecrow costume for Halloween or a costume party.

Scarecrow Cupcakes

Scarecrow Cupcakes
Stephanie Gallagher
In following with a scarecrow theme, why not make these adorable scarecrow cupcakes (recipe shared by About.com Guide Stephanie Gallagher) to snack on after you make your scarecrow crafts.

Scarecrow Jar Craft

Scarecrow Jar Craft
This how-to videos shares directions to help you dress up a large jar to look like a scarecrow.

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