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Wolf or Werewolf Costume

Free Halloween Costume Pattern and Instructions


Find out how to make this simple yet creative Halloween costume. Follow these directions submitted by Jenee and you can dress up as a wolf or werewolf.

Materials Needed:

  • Old Pair of Jeans
  • Scrap Fur Fabric
  • Old Flannel Shirt
  • Needle and Thread

"Just thought I'd share what I'm planning on doing for my will be 4 year old son - I plan on taking a pair of old jeans and cutting them at the knee and the thigh or whatever. Then sewing a piece of scrap fur material into the holes. I will take a red flannel shirt and sew few pieces of fur here and there at the chest and the back of that. Then I will take his hand and cut out some fur to make a glove that wraps around the wrist. Then measure his head and make a fur hat with ears - my son - the werewolf."

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