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Medusa Costume

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Jill McDonald created this costume using a pattern for a Greek goddess.
Medusa Halloween Costume

Medusa Halloween Costume

Submitted by Jill McDonald
"In 2003, I dusted off the old sewing machine and bought a pattern and fabric for a Greek goddess dress. I knew I wanted it to be gold fabric, but in retrospect I wouldn't have gone with the gold, because it was so slippery the black braid in the front kept slipping down. The main attraction of the costume was the Medusa wig, which I made out of over 100 plastic, jointed toy snakes (you can buy them for party favors), which I spray-painted green and black and wired to a cap of aluminum mesh. This took FOREVER, and I cut my hands up pretty badly, but the effect was worth it. The snakes twitched and writhed with every movement - it was pretty creepy!" ~ Jill

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