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School Coloring Sheets

Free, Printable Color Pages With a School Theme


School Coloring Sheets

School Coloring Sheets

Print out these free school coloring sheets and create your own school related coloring book. Find free, printable books, buses, and other school-themed pictures. These color pages are great to use to help kids pass time and also make great last minute craft projects and templates to use for other projects.

  • Alarm Clock
    This silly looking alarm clock also looks a little bit like a rooster.

  • Apple
    Print out and color or decorate this coloring page featuring an apple.

  • Backpack
    Print out this backpack picture and let your kids get creative personalizing it.

  • Blackboard and Apple
    This coloring sheet features a larger version of the one pictured here.

  • Box of Crayons
    I always thought one of the best things about school was a new box of crayons.

  • Colored Pencils
    If you prefer colored pencils over crayons, print out this coloring sheet.

  • Paper and Pencil
    Print out and coloring this picture, and you can also write a special message on the paper.

  • Chunky Pencil
    Not only can you color this pencil, there is room to write a note also.

  • School Books and Apple
    This is a picture of a stack of books topped off with an apple.

  • School Bus
    You can color this school bus yellow or use your imagination.

  • School Bus Crossing Sign
    Download this picture of a school sign and use it as a coloring page or a pattern.

  • School Desk
    Download and print out this picture of a simple school desk.

  • School Lockers
    You can color in these lockers and even add some graffiti if you want.

  • Scissors Coloring Sheet
    Every student needs a good pair of scissors to use.

  • Stack of Books
    You can print out and color these books and then even write in your own titles.

  • Two Coloring Crayons
    Download this coloring sheet and make these crayons any color you want.

Besides all of the coloring pages above, I have a few coloring sheet collections that have to do with school:

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