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School Days Safety Pins

Free Beaded Safety Pin Patterns


These beaded safety pin patterns can be used to make fun jewelry to wear or to give as a gift to a special teacher or classmate.

For every free beaded safety pin pattern I provide, you will find a list that explains how many safety pins to use and what sizes to use. There is also a colored graph of the project illustrating how many beads of each color to use.

Making beaded safety pin jewelry is easy. All you have to do is slip some seed beads onto ordinary safety pins and you can create fun items to wear, share, and swap! They make great gifts too. After you browse through these school related beaded safety pins, check out all of the other free pattern I have posted.

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1,2,3 Beaded Safety Pin PatternA,B,C Beaded Safety Pin PatternApple Beaded Safety Pin PatternBell Beaded Safety Pin Pattern
Football Beaded Safety Pin PatternClass Of 2009 Beaded Safety Pin PatternClass Of 2010 Beaded Safety Pin PatternClass Of 2011 Beaded Safety Pin Pattern
Pencil Beaded Safety Pin PatternSchool Bus Beaded Safety Pin Pattern

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