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Working With Newspaper Clippings
Working With Newspaper Clippings

Working With Newspaper Clippings

One thing you might want to keep in mind while assembling your scrapbook pages is that newspaper clippings are not acid-free, so they tend to yellow and deteriorate over time. For the most part, I simply used the actual newspaper clipping, but I will keep a close eye on them.

If you want to preserve the color and quality of your newspaper clippings, there are a few things you can try. Before you try any of these, make sure you make a photo copy of the article just in case... Especially if you are using one of the methods that use liquid or the spray.

  • The simplest thing to do is to copy the clipping onto acid-free cardstock. You can also scan and print it.

  • You can cover the front and the back of the clipping using clear contact paper.

  • Try a “deacidification” spray. How this works is that it supposedly neutralizes the acid in the newspaper. I have read though that while it seems to work great, it is not a permanent solution. You should be able to find it at a favorite scrapbooking or art supply store. A couple name brands for this product are EK Success Archival Mist Acid Neutralizing Spray and Krylon Make It Acid Free.

  • I have read that soaking the newspaper clippings in a shallow dish of distilled water for about 20 minutes will do the trick. Make sure the newspaper clipping lays flat to dry on a clean white towel, which can take several hours.

  • I also read that you can soak the newspaper in a solution of Milk of Magnesia and club soda. Dissolve 1 Milk of Magnesia tablet in one quart of club soda. Let this mixture sit about 8 hours. Stir it well and pour it into a shallow dish. Lay the newspaper clipping in the solution and let it soak for 1 or 2 hours. Carefully remove the newspaper clipping and set on a clean, white towel to dry.

Now would you like to see pictures of the achievement scrapbooks I have made?
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