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I thought this craft challenge might be a good way to do something creative with the orphaned socks many of us end up with over time. Your project can use socks of any size, shape or color. It can also use more than one sock... So, what are you waiting for? Browse through these projects and submit your own.

Bean Bag Bear

Bean Bag Bear Craft
Use this craft tutorial and you can create an adorable stuffed bear using a sock, some dreid beans or rice, felt, and a few other supplies.

Bed Bug Craft

Bed Bug Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can make stuffed sock craft that you can use as a heating pad.

CD Daisy Puppet Craft

CD Daisy Puppet Craft
This fun daisy puppet is easy to make by attaching a CD and paper plate to a sock.

Fingerless Sock Glove Craft

Fingerless Sock Glove Craft
Catherine shares these directions for making a fingerless glove using an old sock. This is a perfect finishing touch for a Halloween costume accessory.

Light Bulb Santa Craft

Light Bulb Santa Craft
This cute little light bulb Santa has a hat made from a tiny sock.

Light Bulb Snowman Face

Light Bulb Snowman Face Craft
Like the Santa above this snowman is sporting a true stocking cap.

Non-Slip Slipper Socks

Non-Slip Slipper Socks Craft
Learn how you can recycle your own socks into non-slip slippers.

Self Portrait Japanese Temari Ball

Self Portrait Japanese Temari Ball Craft
These amazing Temari balls are made wrapping yarn around a base that is a sock stuffed with dryer lint.

Sock Bottle Wrap Craft

Sock Bottle Wrap Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how you can not only keep your next bottle of water or soda a little colder, but also keep your hands a little warmer.

Sock Owl

Sock Owl Craft
Follow these instructions and you can make an adorable owl out of a pair of slipper socks.
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