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Pet Memorial Garden Stepping Stone

How to Make a Pet Memorial


See a picture of a home-made pet memorial garden stepping stone made by Sharon West and find out how to make a pet memorial.
Pet Memorial Garden Stepping Stone

Pet Memorial Garden Stepping Stone

Submitted by Sharon West
From Sharon: "I made this stepping stone as a memorial to my pet shepherd of 14 years who recently died. It was simple to do. I used a reusable mold from the craft store but any mold would do. I mixed the cement, poured it into the mold, let it set up for about 15 minutes and then put on the decorations and wrote the words using a pencil. The picture was laminated first to keep the moisture from destroying it. I then used polyurethane to seal it. This is my first stepping stone, but I plan on more."

I hope you enjoy making your own garden stepping stone and then send in a photo to have it featured here.

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