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How to Make Crafts Using Rocks


I hope that you will bring your creativity along outdoors, hunt for some unique rocks, and create something out of them. Your project can use as many of as few rocks as you like. Check out this collection of rock crafts and then you can submit your rock craft to be included in this collection.

Alphabet Rocks

Alphabet Rocks Craft
Use rocks and paint to write out a special message or to spell a name. You can also make an entire alphabet to practice letter recognition and even spelling with.

Crayon Rock Paperweight

Crayon Rock Paperweight Craft
These directions, shared by a visitor named Kathy, will show you how to craft a funky paperweight using a rock and crayons.

Decoupaged Paperweight

Rock Crafts
Discover how you can craft a fancy paperweight out of a rock and some scraps of paper.

How to Make A Pet Rock

Rock Crafts
Use the tips and suggestions in this tutorial to make your own cute pet rocks.

Math Rocks

Math Rocks
Learn how easy t is to help kids practice writing out different math equations using these simple suggestions shared by Ellen.

Painted Ghost Rocks

Painted Ghost Rocks Craft
A visitor named Maria shares how she made these Halloween decorations by simply painting flat stones.

Painted Stone Candle Holder

Painted Stone Candle Holder
Check out the fun candle holders a visitor name Silvia made using rocks.

Peeking Rock Alligator

Rock Craft Projects
This alligator doesn't look too scary, but he might surprise a few people if you leave him peeking out from a potted plant.

Rock Art

Beach Rock Art
A visitor named Lorna explains how you can turn an ordinary rock into a fun sculpture.

Rock Baseball

Rock Baseball Craft
Take a walk and search for a round rock to make this baseball that would make a fun gift for a sports fan.

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