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Homemade Owl Costume


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How to Make an Owl Costume
How to Make an Owl Costume

How to Make an Owl Costume

Sherri Osborn
What do you think of this adorable little owl? This is my 8-month old grandson Easton. His mom saw an adorable owl costume online (this is the one she saw - compare prices) and decided she wanted him to be an owl for Halloween. She is not a crafty person, so she was a little apprehensive when I suggested she make one. With a little cajoling and a promise to help, I finally convinced her she could do it.

Can you believe this owl costume was made using a sweatsuit, some felt, and some glue? There was just a little sewing required to make the owl hat, but you can avoid that if you could find a winter hat that matches your sweatsuit or, better yet, use a hood sweatshirt if you can find one! We couldn't find one the size we needed.

So now, if you would like to make your little one or yourself an owl costume, read on. The first thing you will want to do, other than reading through these directions, is to gather your supplies...

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