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Creative Thanksgiving Traditions

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions


Create Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Does your family have any unique and creative Thanksgiving traditions? If so, please share them with us.

One of my regular site visitors, nicknamed Simplysimple, shared this ornament project, which sounds like a wonderful family tradition. Jamie, another site visitor, explains how her family has a giving thanks jar tradition.

Besides gathering to eat and browse through all of the Black Friday ads, my family has a movie watching tradition. We almost always watch a Christmas or animated movie (I think we would all agree our all-time favorite is Shrek). I think this year I will try to get my Christmas tree up the night before Thanksgiving so we can all decorate it on Thanksgiving day and make that part of our Thanksgiving celebration from now on. Maybe I will even try Simplysimple's ornament project above or choose another Christmas tree ornament to make.

So, what are your family's Thanksgiving traditions? Does it involve making anything? If so, please take a moment to share your creative traditions with us and it could be posted here.

If you don't have a creative family tradition, here are some ideas to help jump start your imagination:

  • Giving Thanks Tree
    Learn how to make a minitaure tree that you can decorate with meaningful leaves.

  • Thanksgiving Paper Chain
    Make a paper chain using strips of paper your entire family writes special messages on.

  • Advent Calendars
    Since for many people Thanksgiving marks the official start of the countdown to Christmas, why not make it a tradition each year to make a personalized advent calendar?

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