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Recycled Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

How to Make Thanksgiving Crafts using Trash


There are a variety of recycled Thanksgiving crafts that both kids and adults will enjoy making. Learn how you can recycle everything from unwanted flower pots to toilet paper rolls.

Clay Pot Pilgrim Bonnet

Clay Pot Pilgrim Bonnet
Follow these instructions and learn how you can crafts a fancy looking pilgrim bonnet out of a flower pot, felt, and a few other supplies.

Clay Pot Pilgrim Hat

Clay Pot Pilgrim Hat
Make a boy pilgrim hat, out of a flower and some craft foam, to go with your pilgrim bonnet. Together, they much cute Thanksgiving decorations.

Clay Pot Turkey

Clay Pot Turkey Craft
Discover how you can create a tiny turkey using a flower pot. Fill it with treats and use it as place cards on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Fall Scarecrow Decoration

Fall Scarecrow Decoration
Follow these instructions and you can make an adorable scarecrow by recycling some ordinary household objects.

Foot and Hand Turkey

Foot and Hand Turkey Craft
You can make this turkey by recycling a paper plate, plus tracing your hands and a shoe.

Football Player

Football Player Craft
Many people look forward to watching the football games that are on television on Thanksgiving day. If you associate football with Thanksgiving, try this fun craft.

Native American Headband

Native American Headband
Make this headband using a strip cut from a paper bag. You can make the feathers out of construction paper or even out of the paper bag.

Pine Cone Corn Cob Magnet

Pine Cone Corn Cob Magnet Craft
Discover how you can recycle a pine cone into this magnet by using paint and a chenille stem.

Scarecrow Candy Jar

Scarecrow Candy Jar
Re-use an empty jar to create this cute scarecrow craft. You can decorate a canning jar lid, like I did, or you can use any jar lid.

Stuffed Football Craft

Stuffed Football Craft
Make one or more of these little footballs and use them as decorations for your holiday gathering.
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