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Pair of Dice or Fuzzy CDice Costume

Free Halloween Costume Pattern and Instructions


Instead of dressing up as a single die for Halloween, discover how a single person can dress up as a pair of dice.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 Cardboard Boxes
  • Paint
  • Duct Tape


Of course, it is easier to make a pair of dice with 2 people and two boxes painted to look like dice, but you can make a pair of dice for one to wear.

Find 2 boxes about the same size, large enough for your body to fit into.

To make a single die. Cut a hole in one that is large enough for your head to fit through, also cut 2 holes for your arms. Push the open flaps inside the box. Paint the box to look like a die. Repeat for the second person if there are two of you.

If there is only one person, cut a hole in the second box big enough to fit around your waist. Again, tuck the open flaps into the box and paint to look like a die. Let dry.

Now is the tricky part! Place the box with the neck hole on top of the box with the waist hole. Use duct tape to attach them on top of each other. Tape inside the boxes as much as possible so the tape is not seen. Cover any tape showing with paint. Once any paint is dry, carefully slip the boxes over your head!

A visitor from MN shared this variation to make fuzzy car dice: Cover the boxes with fuzzy felt. For a couples costume, attach an end of a long piece of string to each die and then you can tie a rear view mirror to the center of the string.

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