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Circles Tie-Dye T-Shirt Design


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How to Dye Your T-Shirt
Dyeing Your T-Shirt

Dyeing Your T-Shirt

Once you have your shirt tied how you want it, it is time to dye it.

Of course, the supplies needed and the directions for dyeing your shirt will depend on the dye you are using. As I said previously, we used RIT Powder dye to make this shirt.

We first dyed the t-shirt in RIT Green dye for about 20 minutes. We then rinsed the t-shirt, untied it, and then dipped it in Royal Blue RIT dye for just a couple minutes to get the light blue effect.

You can read through our step-by-step dyeing directions for even more help.

Once your shirt is dyed and dried, wear with pride.

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