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50 Craft Ideas for Boys

Ideas for Crafts Boys Will Enjoy Making


I picked out these craft projects especially for boys. Of course, that doesn't mean that girls wouldn't enjoy these crafts too; it also doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of other crafts on the Family Crafts site that boys will enjoy. If you want to find crafts by topic or technique, check out this craft project index.

Alligator Clip-On

Alligator Clip-On Crafts for Boys
Boys will have fun using a clothespin to create an alligator with a large mouth that will open and close. They could also make dinosaurs using these techniques.

Ant Hill

Alligator Clip-On
Let your kids construct their own pretend ent hill using paper mache.

Baseball Pin or Magnet

Baseball Crafts for Boys
Any boy who loves baseball will enjoy making these baseball pins or magnets. They are fun gifts to give.

Basketball Hoop Game

Basketball Hoop Game
A visitor named Cami shared directions for making a basketball game that will keep kids busy long after the crafting is done.

Basketball Pin or Magnet

Basketball Crafts for Boys
Similar to the baseball pin above, this basketball themed pin can be made and enjoyed by older boys.

Bottle Cap Alien Magnet

Bottle Cap Alien Magnet Craft
Give the kids several bottle caps and a handful of craft supplies and see what kind of silly looking aliens they come up with.

Bug Finger Puppet

Bug Finger Puppet
Making this bug finger puppet can be a lot more fun thatn going outside and collecting bugs.

Card Collector Frame

Discover how easy it is to make a small frame to hold a prized baseball card or any other card. This frame can be hung up or even used as a magnet.

CD Fish Craft

Crafts for Boys
Let your boys craft an entire school of fish using a stack of unwanted CDs.

CD Space Ship

CD Space Ship Craft for Boys
A visitor named Kathryn was nice enough to share directions for making a shiny space ship out of old CDs.
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