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50 Craft Ideas for Girls

Ideas for Crafts Girls Will Enjoy Making


Browse through this collection of craft projects girls may especially enjoy. Of course, there are plenty of other crafts on the Site that girls may like. After you check out all the crafts on this page, then you can explore more craft projects sorted by age, theme, material used, and much more.

Almond Can Cupcake

Almond Can Cupcake Crafts for Girls
Use this tutorial to make a cute cupcake that can slo hold your treasures.

Apple Necklace

Apple Necklace Craft
Girls will have fun making fashionable jewelry using pom-poms and beads.

Bath Salt Recipe

Bath Salt Crafts for Girls
This is not only a fun project girls will enjoy making, it is also something girls will love using.

Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Beaded Friendship Bracelets
This is a fun activity to do with a group of girls. They can make simple friendship bracelets for each other.

Blooming Flower Pens

Blooming Flower Pens Crafts for Girls
Who wants to write with an ordinary pen when you can use one that looks like a lovely flower?

Blue Jean Pocket Book

Blue Jean Pocket Book Craft
If you have an old pair of jeans, use them along with these instructions to make a small purse.

Body Glitter Recipe

Body Glitter Crafts for Girls
Instead of wasting money buying fancy body glitter, use this recipe to make your own.

Bottle Cap Brooch

Crafts for Girls
A visitor named Christina shares some suggestions for making pins using a bottle cap and whatever craft supplies you have on hand.

Button Flowers

Crafts for Girls
Let your girls make a bouquet of these special flowers to give as gifts.

Button Jewelry

Girl Crafts
Follow the instructions shared on this project sheet and learn how you can create different pieces of jewelry using buttons.
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